The hardest battle of life is to fight against the demons inside yourself. It is painful. It is such a shame. It is heartbreaking. It is paralyzing.

So, I am waking up every morning, looking at the demon at his eye, and say: no, you won’t hurt me any longer.

Until one day, I look at myself and I find no more demon inside me.

Once again, today, I say to myself–though I am still trembling: no, you won’t hurt me anymore.

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i just wanna cry
and cry..
and cry..
till burn on my chest.
i don’t think i can handle it anymore.


he is a man who cries down in your arms in the bad time and is no longer ashamed to show he is weak at the moment..

he is a man who ignores his sorrow of failures to celebrate your happiness of success..

he is a man who makes sure to keeo each and every detail about what you said and what was important to you..

a man whose very first thought is you as he opens up his eyes..

a man who leaves each and every worldly things when it comes to be around you because you are his priority..

he is a man who makes sure to keep you safe from all the monstrous of the world.

a man for whom your dream becomes his goals to achieve and your wants turns into his need..

he is a man who makes sure to provide you all his love.. attention.. and loyalty..

a man who runs down hell just to make you step in heaven.

to build loving relationship

the 4 stages to building a loving relationship that can stand the test of time.





you won’t see perfection as one of the stages to a successful relationship because perfection isn’t real.

it’s not relatable.

it’s not achievable.

and it’s now what bonds us.

striving for perfection and looking for it in others will only imprison us and keep us from being able to experience the magic of what a real, messy, deep relationship can actually be.

look for someone who complements your personality and have strengths you love and flaws you can live with.

source by: thematthewhussey

cup of coffee

“What is happiness to you?” he asked me. “Well, I said. It’s a lot of things. To me, happiness is figuring out what actually matters…

it’s loving friends with total abandon. discovering the secret silver lining. it’s every single life-changing Aha! moment.

happiness is holding each other whenever you can. . it’s truly appreciating the little things. it’s being together in bed, watching Netflix or YouTube, and it’s missing a book you’ve finished.

true happiness is waking up next to the one you love. it is deciding to smile, despite whatever happens, and it is the satisfaction of creating something.

happiness is learning to appreciate failure’s value. it is indomie when you’re crazy hungover, and reliving your very first kiss. it is his hand enclosed around yours and the first blossoms of Springtime.

happiness is loving yourself truly, madly, deeply. it’s also makeup sex after a fight and knowing you’re better off together.
it’s total silence—except for laughter, and cooking comfort food in winter. it’s bursting with love for them and finding the will to forgive..

happiness is making her proud, him proud, of you. it is a platonic but meaningful hug or eye contact. it is an embrace after a long period away from someone you love. it’s that knowing smile you exchange, the one that says so much.

it’s feeling good for doing good, and finishing a long-term project—finally.

it’s the fact that they’re yours, and only yours. it’s building a life with someone you love. it’s about looking at them and feeling safe. it’s recognizing you’re one lucky fucker.

happiness is finally forgiving yourself for past mistakes, and sleeping in because you can. it’s spotting talent in someone else and getting excited for them. it’s feeling valued as an individual, and moving people through your stories.

to me, happiness is loving another more than yourself. it’s wandering the world, totally free.

But right now? right now, happiness is this morning cup of coffee. sometimes it is as simple as that.”

never leaving

of all the places we have been.

all the things we have experienced (good or bad).

i feel a kinship with you.

i can feel the longing in your broken heart.

i can feel the excitement and overwhelming joy when you realized you’ve fallen in love.

I’ve seen tragedies..

experienced them..

and i’ve a lived..

just like you..

so no matter where you are or where you’re going, know that someone is by your side..

all the places..

and i’m..

never leaving..